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Empowered and enabled, we are energized with a passion to contribute significantly to society
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Why Jo​​​​in Us?

Whether you're an experienced professional or fresh from college, there's a place for you at First Gen.


Our deep sense of purpose lies in our vision of a cleaner world, of sufficient energy to power our developing country, and of self-reliant communities in the areas where we do business. We are proud of our Filipino roots, and of our company’s proven capability to develop and manage power plants to global standards.


Our leaders inspire us to reflect our values in the way we do business, and encourage us to take on progressively bigger challenges to accelerate our growth. Their mentorship emboldens us to break new ground in our industry, as well as in our professional lives.


We care for every member of our team. We enhance development and growth through relevant and high-quality training and on-the-job exposure to build critical skills, competence and confidence. We promote total employee well-being through competitive compensation and benefits, and programs for health and wellness, team-building, and volunteerism.


With dynamic individuals who share our vision, we can continue to produce clean and reliable energy, deliver world-class service, and create a positive impact on people’s lives. We continuously look for exceptional talents who value integrity, excellence and social responsibility, those who share our passion to make a difference.

“It is our aim that First Gen will be among the bright navigating stars of the Philippine energy industry, blazing a path toward a decarbonized economy.”
Chairman, Federico R. Lopez

Join First Gen and Be Empowered to Make a Difference

Whether you're an experienced professional or fresh from college, there's a place for you at First Gen.

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