First Gen’s Clean Energy Center

First Gen’s Clean Energy Center

First Gen’s Clean Energy Center at KidZania Manila in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig recently opened its doors to a new generation of clean energy champions.

The Clean Energy Center is First Gen’s way of giving a clean energy experience to a younger audience. The exhibit begins in a control room that simulates the real thing; with a full console and actual buttons and levers for the kids, who are called clean energy engineers, to manipulate.

As clean energy engineers, the children are briefed on how natural gas, wind, and geothermal power plants work. They start off by viewing a news report on the current weather situation and the current pollution status in cities around the world. Afterwards, they are briefed on the need to increase power capacity at KidZania, but first they must meet the stringent requirements of an environmental impact index. Then, they sift through a selection of power sources to help KidZania achieve adequate power capacity with the least impact on the environment. The next step is for the engineers to head out to the city to perform the work needed on the power plant they have chosen.

The children clearly enjoy the experience and the activity. One said, “This feels like a real job,” pertaining to the natural gas activity. Another quipped, “I want to keep on doing this,” also referring to the same activity. Other children say, “This is the best job ever!”, “Wow, this was a good day!” and “I wanna be an engineer!”

At the First Gen Clean Energy Center, children can learn about and choose to take the first big steps towards a cleaner world for their future, and for generations to come.

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